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What to expect with a digital marketing expert

When looking for a digital marketing expert, there are many questions you should be asking. First. How long has this marketer been in business. Typically, there are two categories of marketers… those who have been in the game for a long time, and those who are considering themselves as experts despite being inexperienced. Either way, you should look at their credentials. Are they local? do they have any local clients that you can talk to? Sometimes this is the best way to get a good feel out of the type of marketer. Next, look at their websites and their other projects. Do they have any expereince with your type of business? If yes, then it may be a better fit. Local businesses that are smaller agencies could be better for you than the large companies. Do they offer a variety of services? this may be a good and bad thing. The reason why it should be considered bad is that they have not focused in on ONE specific type of service. I know when you are looking for website design in Scranton, I would go with Snapback Marketing Inc, when compared to others. This is because I know them well and they are reasonably priced.